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Grandparents our Real life Superheroes

Grandparents are often the gentle stress buffers, supporters, caregivers or the roots of the family. But for the children, they are far more than this. Be it the role of their playmates, role models, or their history teachers, who pass on those valuable teachings, cultural heritage, and family traditions, they are the ones who are always there to support the children mentally and emotionally.

The emotional connection that the children feel with their grandparents is inexplicable.

Even the Grandparents feel blessed with their second chance of parenting, showering their unconditional love and attention to the young ones. They want to spend as much time as possible with the young ones and that extraordinary smile on their face when the little ones rush towards them for that morning hug or goodnight kiss defines it all. They are always ready to go to any extent for their grandchildren, just like my own grandparents.

Be it my grandmother who is either busy cooking something delicious for us or is babysitting my 2-year-old sibling or my grandfather who is always ready to volunteer himself with the school activities of my younger cousin. Additionally, he would walk him to school every day, pick him home and then he would take all the kids to park in the evening.

I used to wonder sometimes that how come they don’t feel tired at the age of over 70 years. But now I realize that it’s just their love and affection towards us that keeps them going all the time.

In simple words, they are the real-life “Super Heroes” for the kids. Just like the super Jodi of ‘Dadji and Arjun’ in iNTELLYJELLYEducational Magazine for kids. The popular kid’s magazine shares several stories, about Dadji and his grandson Arjun, who share an extraordinary bond.

The delightful stories where Dadaji helps Arjun with his simple yet intelligent solutions to his day to day problems are very inspiring for children. Through the power of the written words, kids can learn how to tackle in situations like disagreement with friends, being introvert, bullying etc. Every Dadaji and Arjun story ends with a learning which children can relate to.

With many stories to tell and many experiences to share, the grandparents sail the little ones through thick and thin and the children reminisce about this life lesson or years to come.

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