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Transformative Learning

How does it matter?

‘Transformative Learning’ is no longer a new term. We all have read about it, gone through it, and benefitted from it at some time or the other.

Transformative Learning is a process by which our perspective gets transformed, or we can say, it is a learning that brings about a shift in our perspective. It transforms the way one sees, looks and feels about things. In transformative learning, one starts perceiving things in a new way and finds a new meaning in the same. It transforms one’s way of being.

The inspirational role model is one tried and tested technique. Children tend to look at the actions of
others and get transformed. They tend to imitate what they observe. It is up to adults to be a substantial
role model.

Be alarmed, there is no ‘zero state’ of transformative learning, which means, learning can also be a negative one, depending on the inspirational role model.

New year, New beginning, New ideas, New energy! This edition of iNTELLYJELLY empowers children to look up to their role models and also become one in the process. It acquaints them with the concept of ‘Transformative Learning-Unlearn and learn’! Enjoy! Stay blessed!



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