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Top 10 Strange Animals

“In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous.” – Aristotle

Nature is magnificent, and so are its creatures. Mother earth is as beautiful as it is mysterious. Parallel to our busy lives there exists a magical world where mother earth inhabits copious species of flora and fauna. The novelty of these creatures is mystifying indeed. Every now and then, researchers and scientists set out on their search for these bewildering wonders of the mesmerizing nature.


While scientists are busy unveiling new and exotic species, let’s take a moment to adore the beauty of existing strange animals and be bemused.


  1. Diane’s bare-hearted glass frog: With its lime-green Kermit looking body, this 2.5-centimeter amphibian is a sight in itself. The translucent (see-through) body of this creature makes it a little too intriguing. The beauty of this tiny guy lies in its popped out big and white eyes.
  2. Mexican Walking Fish: This incredible aquatic salamander is named Axototl. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it can regenerate its limbs. It can be seen in different colors like brown/tan, pink, grey, and black. Albino, a mutant of this fish, with its golden color and vibrant gold eyes is a visual treat in itself. The Mexico inhabits in many lakes including Lake Xochimilco. These unique fishes are currently listed as an endangered species.
  3. The growing sea turtle: This growing turtle is the first ever growing reptile, known to mankind. Discovered by a group of divers in the Solomon Islands in the year 2015, this sea turtle is known to be the first reptile that shows biofluorescence (the ability to soak in blue light and emit lights of different colors such as green, orange, and red.
  4. Sneezing monkeys: This adorable monkey, with an upturned nose, is called Rhinopithecus and is found in the Eastern Himalayas. During rains, Rhinopithecus uses its nose to accumulate rainwater. Amusingly, this adorable black-and-white monkey can be heard sneezing off the puddles it makes in its nose.
  5. Terror Bird: Phorusrhacids, commonly known as terror birds, are 1-3 meters long flightless birds that are now termed as extinct. Characterized by their aggressive nature, these red-colored birds with long hooked beaks are capable of snapping the spine of a horse in just one smack. The fatal beak of these birds makes them the scariest birds of all.
  6. Mutillidae: Colloquially known as the panda ants, Mutillidae, is a bizarre species of ants whose body hair resembles the Chinese giant pandas. These larger than usual hairy ants have extremely painful stings and thus, are known as Cow killers.
  7. Glaucus Atlanticus: Popularly known as Blue Dragon, this aquatic species is one of a kind. This breathtakingly beautiful blue colored sea slug is usually spotted floating in the warm water bodies because of its air-filled stomach sac.
  8. The ball cutter fish: Also known as the Pacu fish, is a rare species of fish that has teeth like humans and are related to the piranha. They are commonly found in the freshwater bodies of South America.
  9. Atheris Squamiger: Colloquially known as the bush viper, this is another strange species of venomous snakes which are 16-28 inches long. Inhabitants of Nigeria, Tanzania and Kenya, these pretty but venomous snakes come in a host of colors including red, orange, green, yellow, black, and grey.
  10. Gharial: Found in India, gharials are surreal fish-eating crocodiles with a long and skinny nose. These reptiles weigh over 2000 pounds. To catch their prey, they use their long nose and sense vibrations underwater.


Embrace all living creatures and the beauty of nature. Embrace the beauty in diversity.



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