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It was raining that early morning, quite unusual for Gurgaon, and I was committed to imbibe every possible moment of it. Fascinating muddy puddles, pitter patter drops, splashing running water around had no match. I thanked the Mother Nature for the opulence this season.

This led me to think about my luxurious possession; which is always filled with enthusiastic friends, a very supporting family, firmly stood associates, and lots more. One thing led to another, and I pay a quick visit to my memory lane thank those who taught me the ways to earn this possession. Teacher’s Day is around the corner, and this is the best moment to express my sincere gratitude, I thought.

The people who shaped my life, insignificant it may be, are beyond the four walls of the classroom. These are not only the teachers who explained tough physics principals, who made electromagnetic theorems easy but have a presence from the non-academic domain as well, who nurtured my being.

Does this demean the presence of academic guides in the life? No, certainly not! However, it does imply that knowingly or unknowingly, we adults, play the role of a teacher to someone. We may not know how an act of ours at that particular moment may influence, either way, the young ones around.

We, at iNTELLYJELLY, work on many such visible, and often invisible, aspects of life. Because, as we say, intelligent reading is fun.

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"Intelligent reading is fun"