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Super Healthy Foods for Kids


“Healthy- shouldn’t be your goal, it should be your way of living.”

With everything around us changing constantly, our lifestyle has evolved but suffered major setbacks too. Not just our living habits but our eating habits too. And if a family of parents and kids have incorrect eating habits, the kids suffer the most. Studies show that today more than 95% of all chronic diseases happen due to nutritional deficiencies, toxic food choice and lack of exercise.

The prerequisite is to teach the young ones to eat real food. No fast foods, no junk foods, no processed foods, just honest, nutritious, real food. We as caregivers, should inculcate the habit of healthy snacking at not just home but in their school lunches as well.After all, the stress of healthy food is what troubles mothers the most.

Listed below are a few super healthy foods for kids that are easily found around us. Choose well, to give a super healthy food to your children!

1) Eggs

A super food for the brain, it is loaded with protein and DHA. It not only enables proper growth of brain but improves concentration skills too.

2) Nuts –

Parents must include nuts in their kid’s diet. Raw, roasted or in granola bars, nuts provide nutrition & energy. Nuts are something that a child should eat every day. While all are loaded with nutrients, Walnut is the healthiest of all.

3) Fruits &Vegetables –

            A treasure trove of minerals and vitamins, these help in boosting the immune system, promote good eye health and prevent the risk of anaemia. As these superfoods contain fibre, theyaid proper digestive system functioning &also help to reduce the risk of high cholesterol, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, respiratory problems and depression.

4) Dairy products – (Milk/Yoghurt/Greek Yoghurt/Cottage Cheese/Cheese)

Diary is a rich source of calcium which is vital for brain development, strong teeth & bones. Yoghurt & Greek yoghurt contain good bacteria which helps the gut.

5) Fish –

A great source of Omega-3s and Vitamin D, it protects the brain from declining mental skills & memory loss. If vegetarian, you can opt for fish oil capsules as they are beneficially as well.

6) Oatmeal –

            A healthy substitute for market bought packaged cereal, oatmeal provides fibre and protein both. It also helps to keep heart & brain arteries clear. Since it’s homemade, one can regulate the use of sugar as well as compared to pre-sweetened packaged cereals.

7) Legumes –

            Legumes are packed with protein and are rich in fibre, they help in providing energy to growing kids as well as aid digestion too. With many variety of legumes available in the market, one can choose as per requirement. Black beans, lima beans, black-eyed beans, baked beans and chick peas are a few to name.

8) Flaxseeds –

These seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids which help in brain growth. Use of ground flaxseed is advised so as to enable our body to absorb maximum nutrients.

9) Tofu –

            All the nutrients required for a child’s growth and bone health- protein, vitamin B, calcium and iron are found in this power-packed super food. A plus point- can be added in desserts, smoothies and ice creams too.

10) Avocado–

            35% of kids’ calories should be provided by fats, primarily the unsaturated ones.Avocados are a good source of monounsaturated fats.

Try and include as many super foods in your child’s diet as you can. Because, a healthy outside starts from a healthy inside.

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Eat well! Live Well!

Until next time!writers for iNTELLYJELLY

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