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Strengths Vs Weakness

How does it matter?

Life offers countless options on a platter, but we tend to look at the ones which are available on another’s plate. Every individual is unique; every individual acts differently based on the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. It is human to do so.

However, heedful observations help. A child’s strengths personality starts taking shape when the child’s strengths and weaknesses get identified, and one starts working on them consistently. Similarly one’s strengths and weaknesses also helps, this is nothing less than having a rendezvous with oneself.

One step is to respect and acknowledge one’s individuality and accept it as the key to one’s success in life. The other key is to identify, unbiased, the areas which one needs to work on the most. The end goal is to ‘constantly evolve’. Once the strengths and weaknesses are identified, it becomes relatively easier to leverage the strengths and work on weaknesses.

Children, once encouraged, can explore their strengths and weaknesses and tap them at the right time.

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