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Importance of Self Expression & How does it matter?

Express if you like it;

express if you don’t.

Express if you want it;

express if you don’t.

Express if you feel good;

express if you don’t.

The expression is important. The absence of it often causes suppression. Matters become worse when a longing suppression directly impacts a normal expression and makes it appear more like a reaction.

Vivaan did not like the hilarity of Hitesh but, at the same time, it was hard for him to express his feelings as he feared Hitesh might feel bad. Hitesh, at his wittiest best, continued cracking jokes and making fun till Vivaan started reacting to his ways. Later, Vivaan also realized that Hitesh had been doing it purposely.

As a result, the comfort of the relationship had disappeared; Vivaan stopped talking to Hitesh. The parents tried to sensitize both to bring back the harmony in the relationship.

So, it is not about Vivaan or Hitesh’s, or anyone’s age; it is about one’s ease with one’s surroundings. This ease is what the parents need to take a stand for.

Several factors like social pressures, experiences and cultural factors influence our expressions. But, the bottom line is, expressing our true feelings at the right time and place, and in the right manner helps us survive and thrive in relationships, and avoid uncertainty and unpleasant situations.

iNTELLYJELLY, through its colorful, vibrant and well-illustrated stories, is committed to working on these often-ignored aspects of life.

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