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The Power of Educational Magazines

‘Reading is good for the soul’, ‘it is a window to the world’, ‘it is the door that opens to knowledge’.These are words that are common. What is not common is the application. In this fast-paced world, children often are more inclined towards gadgets and audiovisuals. And although the information does reach the child, the wonder and mystery go missing. iNTELLYJELLY believes reading an illustrated story is a part of the wonder. The child’s imagination and creativity are fired. Reading popular kid’s magazines is fun; it is an escape to a wonderful world and a way to excite the curiosity of the child.

The Joys of Reading Magazines

Magazines are the ideal reading material for a young child. The child has a short attention span and needs colorful illustrations to help focus. A magazine has illustrations and a write up which is concise and interesting. The child needs to focus on a topic for a short period. The scope of varied content is high and the nature of the reading matter is casual and fun.

  • Interactive illustrations like crosswords, puzzles, Sudoku and many others keep the child engrossed and provide a chance to enhance logical thinking skills. It is a great way to keep the child interested and engaged. Some children’s magazines offer coloring pages and continuity illustrations that help in developing motor skills too.
  • A magazine generally has a page for jokes and humor. These are modified to suit the sense of humor in a child. The child learns the power of words to lighten a situation and the way to keep things in perspective.
  • Magazines, most of the times, have a history of continuity. Stories are printed in parts that are then printed in subsequent editions. The child learns anticipation and loves to use his imagination to fill in new twists to the stories. Imagination and creativity are enhanced. The child also learns the important trait of patience as he has to wait for the next issue. Logical thinking is a big plus as a result when the child is encouraged to think on his own.
  • The vibrant colors and the interesting graphics make the read more interesting than a book for younger children.

Reading Magazines Creates and Sharpens many Skills

Skill sets are many and reading can help hone most of them. The child imbibes some skills directly by reading and some are honed due to the reading material.

The direct outcome of reading Magazines airs the development of linguistic skills. The child reads better and his vocabulary is strengthened. Linguistic ability is the base of conventional learning and the written word is often the key to effective expression.

  • The incisive and interesting articles and stories may help the child gain varied knowledge. The topics can be diverse and can open up a plethora of skills that involve creative thinking and imagination. The child can learn to think out of the box.
  • Logical thinking and problem-solving are the base skills that a child needs to master to follow through in higher learning. These are honed when the child develops a passion for reading. Magazines have a penchant for bringing a range of articles from across a diverse range of subjects and offer the child a choice.
  • Leadership skills can be imbibed when a child reads about successful people from diverse walks of life. These illustrated stories inspire and motivate him to emulate and excel.
  • Reading enhances knowledge and creates the thirst for knowledge. The child learns simply by reading about new things and then exploring ideas and visions.

The child finds a friend in an Educational Magazine, he finds an emotional anchor. He learns empathy and sympathy, strength and valor when he reads the stories of brave and successful people, The benefits that a child’s mental stability gets in reaching out to a friendly dog-eared magazine in these times of stress and competition is often the best take away from the world of reading.


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