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What to Teach 4 Year Old Kids with Picture Books?

One of the fondest memories that I have of my son’s early days is when I used to come back from work and he would jump up and down with glee. Oh, how wonderful it felt to get such a warm welcome! After giving me a big hug he would drag me to his bed and I would read him his favorite picture book.

I remember how he loved his ‘The big bad bear’s picture book. He was enthused by all the bear adventures. The animated illustrations in the picture book taught him about the forest animals and so began his journey into exploring a world full of picture books and children’s monthly magazines for young learners.

With the turn of each page, he was – learning to observe, developing self-awareness and making inferences. It didn’t take me too long to realize that I needed to find a children’s book subscription service so that my child’s reading hobby would continue without end.

After observing my child’s journey, I came to the conclusion that picture books are a gateway to spark the child’s imagination. They promote compassion, confidence, courage and many other positive traits and ideas that we’d like to instill in our children.

What to teach 4-year-old kids with picture books:

  • Reading skills – Picture books are a great way to introduce kids to the idea of reading. What if they are not able to read yet let them observe the pictures because this is how kids start reading. The perception that looking at pictures is not as helpful as reading the test is inaccurate.
  • Conversation skills – Picture books can help in stirring up conversations between the young readers and the adults who are reading to the child. Reading aloud picture books or educational magazines for kids prompts discussions about
    • Whats going on in the narrative?
    • How are the characters behaving?
    • The meaning of new words, etc.
  • Critical thinking skills – Picture books help in enhancing critical thinking skills of young learners. From one image to the other, as the young reader interacts with the best magazines for children or picture books, their imagination fills the absent themes.
  • Visual thinking skills – Picture books reinforce visual thinking skills by helping children connect their observations with reason and concepts with language.
  • Listening skills –Through picture books, we can teach children how to become better listeners. Engaging children in a read-aloud experience teaches them that paying attention makes reading all the more fun.
  • Writing skills – Picture books and educational magazines for kids are helpful in planting the seed for writing skills. It is the power of such books that turns ‘listeners into readers’ and in the same manner‘readers into writers’. These books are also helpful in building vocabulary. Children get introduced to new words through picture books and even if a grown-up is not around to help comprehend new words, the pictures themselves provide clues and children learn through context.

Long story short:

Picture books and popular kid’s magazines like iNTELLYJELLY give readers a sense of control. The young readers get an opportunity to browse through the story at their own speed. They can pause over some pages, revisit some parts of the story, read at their own pace and have a personalized experience that isn’t defined by an adult.

If you are still not convinced about the power of picture books, I suggest you go to your child’s room and pick up a picture book or go online and browse through children’s magazines online. Find your favorites, my favorite one is iNTELLYJELLY. Now read the book aloud and find out for yourself that READING PICTURE BOOKS IS SHEER FUN!


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