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Nutrition- A Way of Being

Why does it matter?

Is Nutrition all about diet? Is it merely about what we eat, or avoid cautiously? Well, it may not possibly be limited to these points only.

Food, an essential element of our lives, today, is no more limited to merely a means of sustainability, but is a lot to do with lifestyle too. Deeper pockets of this era have only meant easy availability of pleasures in all dimensions of life, and the sense of taste prevails on the pinnacle of this pleasure- thanks to the daily biological need, hunger.

At times, I feel, taste buds, under the veil of hunger, are a trap laid by nature to keep a balance of life. The more that one succumbs to it, the shorter becomes the life span.

I have come to believe that the word NUTRITION has a deeper meaning. It is about a WAY OF BEING. One must understand that the mere availability of money is not the only criteria to indulge in pleasure, especially the one which soothes the taste buds. The age-old proverb ‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’ has now escalated to- ‘Only a Healthy Mind can nurture a Healthy body.’

Dear parents and beloved children, it is never too early or too late to work towards being the healthiest you. So, why wait? Remember, inspiration is the way!

Have a Nutritious and Healthy July!

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