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Narrative of festival

Why does it matter?

Growing up, Raksha Bandhan was a big deal at our ancestral house. All the cousins, brothers and sisters alike, started their respective countdown to this special day much in advance. At my present home, not much has changed since then. My children, a son and a daughter, both look forward to celebrating this festival with much love and zeal.

Raksha Bandhan- A time when sisters celebrate their love for their brothers, and the brothers, in turn, swear to protect their sisters, come what may. This must have started when muscle power, in the literal sense, was the mark of strength. On the contrary, in today’s era, when women are more empowered in various spectrums of life, is it not time that we change the narratives too? Shouldn’t we identify and acknowledge the disempowering connotation that lies underneath for the much more empowered women of today?

While I am definitely not suggesting that we do away with the festivals, the essence of which helps in tying the family together, but I firmly believe that for certain celebrations, it is essential to provide a more rational narrative for children.

We, at iNTELLYJELLY, believe that while women and girls are doing well in every field, it is also time we begin to celebrate the strength of a woman.

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