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Magazine for Kids With Parenting Advice

There is no shortage of reading material available in the market, but all do not reach the level of expectation that parents might have. We live in a fast paced world and children are often exposed to a multitude of publications, which may create a not- so- right impression on their tender minds. The influx of such material is often internet based.

In this scenario, it is important that the parent has access to an established magazine for kids, whose content they can trust implicitly. iNTELLYJELLY, monthly magazine for kids, fits the bill exactly. With superior content and simple messages, this visually appealing magazine is a blessing in disguise for parents, who want their kids to read.

The Content of iNTELLYJELLY is Child-Friendly

The content of the magazine is visually appealing and full of colors. The artwork is superior and distinct. Even a small child is able to read the simple, yet highly articulate material. The magazine has a judicious mix of everything- a lot of wit and clean humor is filled in every page. The child is treated to hilarious cartoons and taught moral values with much loved characters like Prisha and Arjun, characters that they will easily identify themselves with.

The pages contain a large variety of comics to mathematical puzzles, brain teasers and quizzes, short stories and news from educational fronts. In short, the entire gamut of a child’s interest value is beautifully imbibed in this. Easy on the pocket and the child’s psyche, this educational magazine for kids, is sure to be every child’s favorite.

Parenting Advice and Value building

Children tend to learn much more by absorbing information. They have lively imaginations and are more likely to learn by simple observations. They often learn through play.

The stories in iNTELLYJELLY often carry a social message too. They inspire the child to excel. Small stories that are easy to read and assimilate are woven with advice in the form of humor and thrill. The child is engrossed in the varied content and learns the value through various stories.

The practical application of the advice is manifested through the conclusion of the story and brings home to the child the value of the application of the advice. For example, the story of a simple village boy being cheated also leads to the cheat being defeated in the natural progression of things, teaches the child that cheating does not have a happy ending.

Social issues are taken up in simple stories so that the children learn about how to conduct themselves in public. Science and mathematics puzzles help the child concentrate and learn logical thinking and problem solving skills.

A magazine that is a parent’s dream comes true. Informative, witty, interesting and full of value building articles and stories, iNTELLYJELLY is a value proposition to subscribe for. The language is suitable for a child’s consumption and the easy understanding of concepts help the child develop a varied interest in all fields. The promise of the fabled legacy is well maintained and each copy is a collector’s item.



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