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Linguistic Vs Communication skills

How does it matter?

The essential element of leadership is artistic communication.

Communication plays a fundamental role in all facets of life. It is possibly the most empowering tool in
today’s era. I don’t see any area of life where one can progress without a good grip on this tool.

We must understand the difference here. Linguistic skills refer to the command of the language where
the speaker is well versed with the use of grammar, and the speaker is well versed with the use of
grammar, and the structure and semantics of the language. Communication skills, on the other hand,
refer the ability to reach out to others and conveying what the speaker wants to say in an effective
manner. Linguistic expertise may help in winning a point, but communication skills help in winning

Both the skills go hand in hand, yet there is a thin line of difference between the two. Communication
skills have a wider spectrum. These skills not only help the speaker convey a point effectively but also
help to bring the listener on the same page. In other words, communication is not only about what the
speaker says but also what the listener listens and understands. Needless to say, what comes from the
heart reaches the heart. In this issue, we are focusing on two major aspects of Communication skills:

  • ‘Engaged Listening”- where one is not simply hearing but also understanding the emotions of the speaker and making him/her feel understood.
  • ‘Ability to understand by using non-verbal communication’- observing the body language, including facial expressions, body movements and gestures, eye contact, posture etc.

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