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English Learning Made Easy For Kids

English is officially a universally understood language which helps us converse wherever we are. It is one language that crosses all borders and is known to most people in the most basic form. Today, parents feel that learning English is as important as learning their mother tongue and thus they try to implement it in their day to day life.

iNTELLYJELLY’s experts have some tips to make Learning English fun and easy, here they are;

Start Simple

Go easy and start with colors, numbers, food, animals, adjectives (pretty, happy, sad, angry etc.) body parts, toys etc. Encourage your child to talk with their knowledge of words and help them construct sentences. Be enthusiastic about doing this which in turn gets infectious and will attract the child, as they tend to like it more when they find us interested in the activity.

Read, Read and Read

Encourage them to read aloud. Provide them with a book or magazine such as iNTELLYJELLY and encourage them to stand in front of a mirror and read. This will help boost the child’s confidence and also makes it easy for us to correct them (if required) when they pronounce or spell a word wrong. If your kid feels bored, make it a fun time by choosing topics they would like to read or have a spell bee activity etc. Reading helps in improving the vocabulary and reading it aloud helps to get the phonetics right.

Learning in Everyday Situations

Use objects and situations in your day and incorporate them into leaning. For example, Talk about their chores. (“Have you picked up your toys”?). Connect them with food. (“What do you want for breakfast?) or day to day objects in their life (“That is your blue school bag.”) This will help them understand it more easily and grasp sooner. (“What do you like to read?”) By talking about what they like to read, they will learn new things and pick up facts from magazines and newspapers.

Using Audio and Visual Aid

Use songs and rhymes to help kids learn new words. Teach them with actions which will help them learn faster. Toddlers would end up doing the actions when they hear the right word during the song and relate it easily as they won’t be able to speak or say big words. Flashcards with pictures of the intended word can be used to make it more fun. kids can also be encouraged to point out the right answer to the word after showing the picture. Flashcards are a great way to teach and revise vocabulary.

Using Games

Children learn naturally when they are having fun. Add games to help them break the routine. For eg, action games like Simon say, Dumb Charades or Word games – e.g. I spy, Hangman or Board games like Memory, Scrabble etc. Kids love such games and it will make a fun family time too. There are plenty of activities in India’s no.1 magazine, iNTELLYJELLY.

Using stories

Toddlers love books with bright colors and attractive illustrations. Look at the pictures together and say the words as you point to the pictures. Later you can ask your child to point to different things, e.g. ‘Where is the cat?’ After a while, encourage them to say the words by asking ‘What is that?’ Encourage kids to read interesting stories and comics in iNTELLYJELLY. Not only will they look forward to their favorite comics and stories but it will keep them motivated to reading and learning.

Whatever your approach, the most important thing is to relax, have fun and make learning English an enjoyable experience for both you and your child.


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