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Kids Yoga
How does it matter?

The unmatched energy in kids is highly contagious. And, we, adults, often wish to be in this phase of life, again. However, sometimes the presence of everlasting, and often unguided, energy spikes may trigger emotional, social, or physical challenges or conflicts. More the presence of unguided energy, more the chances of conflicts.

Breathing techniques are a quintessential part of Yoga and subtly work on self-awareness, including unguided energy spikes. A regular practice not only makes kids aware of their movements and restlessness but, more importantly, channelize their energy and thought process into more constructive and productive activities.

Similarly, balancing and stretching techniques not only align body and mind for better coordination but also helps to boost concentration and consequently the self-esteem.

We, at iNTELLYJELLY, are committed to working on fundamentals of life, very subtly, while young readers enjoy the well-illustrated reading.

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