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Judgmental Kids
Why does it matter?

The presence of a protagonist and an antagonist makes storytelling easy. It helps to set the perspective of listeners and much more.

Like always, this also has a flip side, regrettably. Young listeners cultivate the tendency to finding a protagonist and antagonist around themselves. During an unavoidable heated moment, their developing brain sees all the evidence to declare the other person an antagonist, often followed by a hormonal eruption causing anger outburst. Unfortunately, this tendency remains in later stages of life too.

To prevent such an occurrence, kids should be encouraged to feel that this world’s existence is in various shades, instead of absolute B&W. Let them opine their thoughts loudly, maybe not so clearly, but confidently. More the opinions, better the perspective, better the world.

iNTELLYJELLY is committed to making it happen, every edition.

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