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iNTELLYJELLY – A Big Source of Buddy Reading!

In this millennial era, when technology and gadgets are an inseparable part of a kid’s childhood, the need to inculcate the habit & to learn the art of merrily reading is prerequisite.

     Reading books is no longer a hobby, but it’s a necessity!   

It is important to make screen-hooked kids understand that books are not mere a source of entertainment and a pass time but can also be their friends, and work as a way to guide them to walk along the correct path in their lives.
    A child who reads is never alone. He is surrounded by all the stories he’s ever read and is also somehow connected to other readers….

The child who loves his books, lives in his imagination and his own world. Reading, as an activity, not only enhances a child’s inventive process but also boosts his reasoning & concentration skills, helps him in conceptualising new ideas and teaches him to be empathetic, in general. It works on one’s intellectual skills as well as stimulates various sensory modes. Moreover, studies show that reading is the only routine, which is proven to be beneficiary in all the stages of a kid’s life- right from prenatal to adolescence.
Today’s iGen children, love to spend quality time doing quality things. They do love their family time, friend time and alone time but it should be spent doing creative as well as thought-provoking & attention-grabbing activities. Reading, alone as well as in groups, works best for these Gen Z kids. Hence, an added advantage of this reading habit is surely the chance to accumulate bonding time with family and friends. 
If your child loves the concept of reading together with their peer group and friends, then be rest assured, all you shall reap are positive returns. They can join book clubs, books exchange program, compose an inter-group library where they can borrow, exchange and recommend books to each another. Such activities augment communal skills as well as logical skills in a child.
Reading with a companion, is one such activity wherein two or more kids (not necessarily peer group) read together and enjoy the beauty of reading with one another. Senior kids can help the young ones to model good reading. A win-win for all! It is surely a remarkable idea- Reading with a buddy- an intellectual as well as a social activity!
Children to read together, can choose books from any genre, reference books, how-to-do guide books, autobiographies/biographies, magazines, anything at all! The only criteria- as long as they are learning something new and positive every time.
iNTELLYJELLY, India’s leading magazine for children of the age group 4-12 years is an exciting, power-packed dose of entertainment, knowledge, fun, stories & activities. Childen’s magazine iNTELLYJELLY, works on the principal of Holistic Empowering Education, wherein the magazine cater for various skills set- from Values to Leadership Qualities, from Logical Thinking to Knowledge, from Geography to Science, and many more. These are an integral part in today’s world. iNTELLYJELLY, kids magazine aim to enhance Human Development Index (HDI) in a child, thus enabling him to become a virtuous and well-informed human being, in the long run!
Get your copy of iNTELLYJELLY today and Enjoy it with your budwriters for iNTELLYJELLY

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