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Image Encapsulation

How does it matter?
Children see themselves as their parents and teachers make them see, often unintentionally. History is full of stories of those achievers whose parents have repetitively shown belief, when they were children. I call it ‘Image Encapsulation’. The word encapsulation, with reference to children, means that we, as parents, teachers, or mentors, make children see and believe in their persona as per the depictions that we give them.

Why is it even important? Well, the traits of an individual define one’s identity, and the nurturing of the same starts at an early age. One simple way to inculcate traits among children is by using Image Encapsulation. This process, if followed consistently, can do wonders. It even works in areas where the efforts put in by children fall short of the expectations of their parents. Parents’ words here have a great impact. Children store these words in their memory banks and replay it to themselves. It is important to create this image with lots of positivity. Such is the power of words and Image Encapsulation.

To simplify, the more positive comment about the child, the more he/she works on building a positive self-image.
If you tell a child, ‘you are great at swimming, people think you can excel in it!’ Automatically, the child will start focusing more and building on that particular skill set.

If you tell a child, ‘you are such a humble and kind child, I see how other children also want to be like you.’ He/she will do more kind things and that by default will become his/her personality.

Such is the power of words and the Image Encapsulation process, and we have tried to bring this to our young readers in this edition through thought-provoking stories and comics.

Give your kids wonderful books full of moral education to make them the best citizen.

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