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How to celebrate cracker-less Diwali with your Kids?

Diwali is here! This joyous gala is not just all about of merriments, lights, sweets & gifts, but also an epitome of positivity, prosperity and harmony. What I love about our country and the kind of upbringing we have, are definitely the traditions, ethics & communal accord! Maybe that’s why, I love celebrating such festivities with my 4-year-old daughter. Not only I get a chance to impart values to her but also get to enjoy a jubilant setting with near & dear ones.

     Diwali nowadays is a noisy affair. Yes, I am against the concept of cracker bursting by kids on Diwali and I am sure most of us want to find alternatives. It’s not just the noise & pollution caused by the crackers, but the food, energy & plastic wastage, debris & spread out garbage everywhere and that strong stench of smoke and polluted air for days. These not only hamper the festive spirit but eventually, our health is at stake too.

 With air quality going low, we are literally breathing poison. After all, it’s we who need to think about our environment and help the pollution free Diwali initiatives.

     Our young generation can only relate this festival to crackers and us at, iNTELLYJELLY, strongly believe that we need to avoid such a concept being passed down to next generations. To do so, the need of the hour is to impose a few restrictions & teach our kids the real meaning of Diwali i.e. bliss & joy and not make them see this festival as just

“one with crackers”.
     So, let’s get cracking on how to celebrate cracker free & pollution free Diwali this year-

·Decorating the house together –
     Involve your kids while you clean, set up & decorate the house. Take their ideas and let their innovation & creativity do its magic. Put lights strings, make DIY paper or bottle lanterns, torans, flowers display & even Rangoli with them.

·Cook & bake homemade treats –
     Festivities is a time for sumptuous sweets & savouries. Rather than buying readymade sweets from market, spend time with your family cooking or baking together. Homemade treats on any festival is a good way- lip-smacking, healthy and complete with a personal touch.

·Personalised gifts & cards –
     Rather than buying store bought gifts, invest your time and energy in handmade presents or cards. What better task to keep kids occupied with? Creativity at its best and personalization too. Or if you aren’t up to such a task, then order from small or medium entrepreneurs and help them earn extra this Diwali. Go local this Diwali!

·Diwali get together –
     Along with hosting a Diwali party for adults, try and host an all-kids party too this year. Let them play, watch movies, read good magazines for their age like iNTELLYJELLY and simply enjoy! Not only they’ll have fun at such a get-together but learn the idea of sharing and caring too.

·Celebrate Diwali with less privileged –
     This Diwali burst your ego and not crackers and teach your kids the same. Diwali is for all – your helpers and less privileged too. Gift your helpers and acknowledge their services for you and your family around the year. A kid can learn how to be humble by watching your actions. Let your child be a Santa Claus and gift poor children around, visit old age homes and spread festive cheer, visit orphanages and offer them gifts or sweets. Such friendly gestures go a long way with kids…
“Diwali is a festival of lights & not just crackers,
Celebrate it together with your loved ones, that’s what matters.”
Spread the cheer! Happy writers for iNTELLYJELLY

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