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Homework Weighing Down On Your Children

Homework Weighing Down Children | How to avoid it?

Homework has always been a topic of debate. A topic that fetches mixed opinions from children, parents, teachers as well as concerned authorities of school and education domain as well. While some would term it as a means to revise what a student has learned at school, others would term it taxing and an overwhelming task. However, when we observe the opinions of both the sides, none of them are actually wrong. Children need to study at home and parents need to be up to speed with what their children are learning. They also need enough time away from books and all things related to school in order to enjoy leisure time and recreation.

The same is true in my case too. My 5-year-old would never sit down in the evening and would give me every possible excuse for ditching that dreaded 1 hour of homework. Although I understand the need to revise and be in touch with what my child has learned at school, the constant battle of getting my son to study made me think…

What can be done?

Homework needs a place in our child’s routine but within limits.

Let’s accept it, homework is important. It needs to be incorporated in the routine of the child, but its presence needs to be limited or restricted. It’s the quantity of the homework and the time it demands that becomes overwhelming and taxing. On an average, a first-grade student spends half an hour for his daily homework, while a high school student has to spend over 4 hours completing their home work. Which would certainly be exhaustive for anyone. The teachers need to understand that the home work they assign needs to be limited and is only meant for revising concepts that the student studied in the school, it should not be overstretched. Somewhere the vast curriculum that the teachers struggle to complete in the classroom hours is the reason behind the heavy load of homework that children encounter.

What can we as a parent do?

“Children might feel worn out from the pressure and weight of their homework, and it definitely affects us parents as well.”

Although reducing homework may involve executive decisions from the Government. Until that happens, wecan certainly try to reduce the stress associated with it. We can try turning homework time into an exciting experience. They can perform other interesting tasks that won’t just help them keep their mood fresh and brains active but can also add to their knowledge. Thus, fulfilling the primary task of homework.

One such way is to use educational magazines for kids. These magazines allow the children to gain skills and also improve their skills using a number of interesting and exciting activities. iNTELLYJELLY is one such monthly children’s magazine that makes use of activities like puzzles, crosswords, mazes, stories, dialogue exchanges. Children can enjoy these activities while doing their homework. In fact, this kid’s magazine usually offers information that can be helpful for building both homework skills  and real-life skills too.

Some Tricks to keep Confidence and energy Level High

I personally use iNTELLYJELLY, India’s no.1 magazine as a reward. As and when my son finished one part of his task or one subject’s work, I give him the latest edition of the magazine and let him enjoy the stories or the activities in the magazine.

This little trick keeps his confidence and energy levels high for the next session and he would try to give his best and complete the task in the minimal possible time, so as to enjoy more leisure time with his favorite magazine. Isn’t that interesting?

This way both you and your children can tackle homework which can be dreary at time and look forward to fun and more refreshing ways to rejuvenate one’s mind.

“Homework doesn’t allow my kid to enjoy a good social life.”


 “If it wasn’t for the homework, how would I know what my child is doing at school”.

These are the constant conflict between parents of differing opinions.iNTELLYJELLY WRITER

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