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Food Treats Not To Be Monsoon

“Laughter is brightest in the place where the food is.

When life gives you rainy days – Keep calm, eat and repeat. Say no to worries with delicious curries.

Binge watch your favorite TV shows and binge eat your favorite delicacies while laying comfortably in your cozy quilts.
Leave yourself craving for more. Soothe your heart, calm your soul and satiate your taste buds by granting them the much-needed dose of lip-smacking food.

Savor the delectable snacks in the weather that symbolizes enjoyment. Relish the pitter- patter of the raindrops with good company and a spicy, nutritious and healthy plate full of happiness. Add the magical kulhad chai to your rainy day friend list and watch your taste buds bless you wholeheartedly.

Bid farewell to stress and welcome the lovely melange of flavorsome and seasonal food items to be relished in the soft drizzle.

1. Pakoras: A rainy day without pakoras is a rainy day wasted. Thus, Pakoras are clear winners when it comes to taking the top spot. Let the aroma of the scrumptious pakoras fill your home, let their flavor fill your heart.

2. Hot and spicy soup: Feel the tipple down weather and relish the taste of a bowl full of hot and spicy soup. Fill your mouth with the warm goodness. A bowl of hot soup filled with your favorite veggie, sauces and herbs is a combination unmatched. Customize your soup.

Choose from a whole range of healthy and nutritious soups like vegetable, tomato, corn, fish and much more and make your rainy days worth it.

3. Samosas: Samosas and Indians are inseparable. Each one of us has an unequivocal love for it. Garma garam samosas in your plate and a cutting chai in hand, and you are all set for the drizzly weather.

4. Jalebi: Indian taste buds will never go satisfied without an appropriate dose of hot and sizzling jalebis to add to the goodness of rains. Couple up the bundle of sweetness with salty fafdas to make your rain hogging a delectable experience. Feel alive with the healing magic of rain and food.

5. Corn: Corn comes in many forms – bhutta, challi, sweet corn etc. This monsoon, grab a deliciously roasted bhutta topped with lemon, salt, and pepper and make your rains sizzling and mouthwatering as you watch the magical raindrops cascading.

6. Noodles: Classic homemade noodles are a win-win. The most exciting part of binging on noodles is that they can be cooked in different styles, from classic Maggi noodles to scrumptious haka ones. Feel wholly satiated from within, each time you roll your fork to slurp the appetizing noodles.

7. French Toasts: Do not want to be away from beholding the beauty of the falling drops. Sweet or salty French toasts to the rescue. First we eat, and then we do everything else. This monsoon remember to chomp the savory French toast. Let the foodie in you step out.

8. Paneer Nuggets: Paneer nuggets are a must add to the much sought after monsoon menu. Looking for a nutritious snack that provides energy and calcium? Your wait ends here. No stressy, no depressy. Sink your teeth in deliciousness, while the rain god’s grace you with their blessing.

9. Badam Milk: The nutrition of milk with the goodness of almonds, is an absolute yay for the cozy and visually appealing rainy weather. Sip once, twice or n no. of times from a cup full of healthy and aromatic badam milk topped with kesar and/or pista. Drink and be merry.

10. Pav Bhaji: Take your monsoon menu game up a notch and add a spicy homemade vegetable bhaji along with buttery pavs to your rainy evening. Let your taste buds be in for a wonderful ride as you sit in the balcony, with a lovely view and a plate full of delicious Pav Bhaji.

As the rain pours and your appetite for monsoon-exclusive treats grows, enjoy these mouth-watering dishes and make your family time memorable and your day yumilicious.

Good food is good mood.

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