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One of the important factors of building a strong society is strong families. And an important aspect of a strong family in instilling values in the children. We all know that instilling values at a very early age stays there for life-long. What better way than interesting, vibrant and well-illustrated stories that helps steer the children in the right direction and nurture children’s strong moral character.

Leadership Qualities

Historical leaders were mainly warriors and history chapters demonstrate their war skills beautifully. Introducing child to a interesting, vibrant and well-illustrated stories world of great leaders, both past and contemporary through books and magazines enables them to visualise the tales of the pioneers. Interesting comic strips reinforces leadership principles like courage, confidence, perseverance, hard work, responsibility to name a few.Leaders are not always born; they are shaped, nurtured and guided. Recognising this, every month we bring anecdotes from the lives of leaders, past and present, for the readers of iNTELLYJELLY. Business leader’s early life chapters are also served to little young readers. This is not only to establish acquaintance but also to experience how small, but well-thought out, events shape lives of leaders.

Emotional Quotient

Bhutan, also called ‘Land of Happiness’ prioritize ‘Gross National Happiness’ over ‘Gross Domestic Product’ to measure its success. We, at iNTELLYJELLY, also strongly advocate that Emotional Intelligence in children is critical for emotional well-being, social development, academic success and peaceful life ahead. iNTELLYJELLY’s stories, comic strips and activities are crafted in such a way that they improve kid’s EQ level in a subtle, nonpreachy way. iNTELLYJELLY is committed to working on this in every edition.

Family Bonding

Stronger Families means Stronger Societies. But what it takes to make a strong and happy family. Simple ingredients- Love, where love is expressed, Loyalty, where family members stick together, Laughter, where all laugh together to build up a family, Learning, where kids learn basic values, manners and skills, and of course Leadership and teamwork where all work together to accomplish the common goal.
We, at iNTELLYJELLY, believe that superheroes are real; they live around us and are accessible to the kids. No, they don’t wear cape nor do they fly through the sky, nor they are muscular. But they are as incredible as Hulk, as powerful as Ironman, as daring as Batman and as smart as Superman. We also believe that child’s day-to-day challenges are not about rescuing a plane or saving lives from a burning building but even bigger such as bullying, feeling isolated, humiliation and much more. These real life challenges can be effectively eased out by real life heroes, commendably. Arjun’s challenges are solved with his grandfather’s guidance in ‘Dadaji and Arjun’.


Teamwork skills is one of the important skills that a child will not only use in the classroom, on the playground but well beyond. The task becomes easy if it is conveyed interestingly. Vibrant comic strip and engaging dialogues help kids to develop this skill. Children are quick learners, we must provide access to them and empower them to live life with more confidence and courage.

Linguistic Expertise

What better way than through reading to develop child’s linguistic skills. Reading let a child hear words , riddles, phrases in different contexts which helps to learn the meaing and function of words. Linguistic skills enables a child to share idead and opinions. iNTELLYJELLY’s engaging stories and enchanting comic strips are loaded with phrases, idioms, rich vocabulary.

Logical Thinking

We all understand that the importance of thinking logically and applying reasoning in day to day life cannot be overlooked. Hence it becomes essential to cultivate logical reasoning skills in children at a very young age. Interesting mystery stories, comics, activities stimulate the brain and prepare the children to think out of the box.Each part of the human brain has a different role to play. Intelligence, logical reasoning, behavioural responses, memory retention, linguistic expertise etc are, therefore, a matter of one’s brain’s dimensional patterns.


Is there anything better than reading to acquire knowledge? And we know, the more we read, the more we know. And if there is a fun way to gain knowledge, learning becomes a beautiful journey. We believe learning doesn’t stop at school. Inspirational stories, exploration and discovery, engaging activities are an integral part of the magazine. Knowledge Vs Wisdom
Why does it matter? The necessity of wisdom is known since ages, more so today than ever! A short story will be of help:
Like all pupils, he also needed to challenge his teacher. He placed a bird in his fist and went to the teacher. “Teacher, is this bird alive or dead?”
He wanted to defeat his teacher and thought, if his teacher said ‘dead,’ he would let the bird fly. Else, he would crush the bird.
“My dear student, that depends on you,” was the wise teacher’s reply. History reveals, one such moment of wisdom saved many lives. Kids to be encouraged to convert their knowledge into wisdom. Global folklore, trickster tales, history, are full of wisdom. iNTELLYJELLY is committed to serving you the complete platter, each month.


Science is an integral part of our life. Science has an impact on every aspect of our life. Science is everywhere─ Right from the field of medicine to different sources of energy; from a simple calculator to various high-tech gadgets. Cooking involves science, and so does kite flying. The powers of imagination, curiosity and exploration are the significant outcomes of science.
Science alters the thoughts!
How does it matter? “Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.” -Carl Sagan. Do we agree to that? Well, science impacts every moment of our life. Science is everywhere! Right from the field of medicine to different sources of energy, from a simple calculator to high tech gadgets. While cooking involves science so does a kite flying.
So, what is Science? Indeed, it is a way of thinking. The powers of imagination, the power of curiosity, the power of exploration are the significant outcome of science. I always wonder if these powers can be the way while dealing with various mindsets. Shouldn’t we keep exploring the ways when we deal with certain someone? Shouldn’t a secured relationship deserve exploration of new avenues? And much more learning from science. Studies show, an emotionally secure child is a more inquisitive than the one who is not; for the simple reason that they feel safe and confident to explore the world around them.


Geography is not only the study of earth’s physical features, but it has played an important role in the evolution of people, their thought process, culture and the environment. It involves the study of people and innumerable belief systems. Poncho, the flying horse, takes the readers on a mesmerising journey around the world and acquaints them with the various cultures.

Life’s basics and Mannerism

Manners make the man. It is significant to instil good manners and healthy habits at a very early age because it is difficult to change the habits, once they are formed. Children learn by watching and observing people. Interesting characters of Witty and Wacky is a perfect example to empower kids to decide what’s right and what’s wrong. Not only this, engaging activities like What’s wrong not only develops their observing skills and attention to detail but their social skills as well.

Global Literature

In this era of globalization, it is important that one understands as many viewpoints as possible. Stories and books help kids to understand perspective differences, and become more self-aware. Children are never too young to be read to. Recognizing this, ‘The Reading Corner brings’ to the children every month a ‘must read’ book. Besides this, there are stories in every edition, including a story from ‘Around the Globe’

Budding writer stories

iJ budding writer’ is the platform for the children to showcase their writing skills. Well, it is not the goal but empowering kids is, with emphasis on cultivating the observatory skills, developing the perspective, articulating the thoughts etc. We know, children who can express their thoughts and ideas articulately grow up as a fine human being with a strong interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.

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