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Empowerment – A Perspective

Why does it matter?

Our very own existence on this planet speaks of woman power, loud and clear. I do not intend to trigger a debate on men vs women or gender equality, or even women empowerment because, for me, none of these even needs a discussion. It is high time we accept the fact that women are far superior to men. Their capabilities against all the odds, often unnoticed, make them what they are.

Possibly, men understood this fact centuries ago; hence, they have been consistently shaping a world, may be unknowingly, where women are constantly challenged to prove their worth in male-dominated fields. Women, mothers by nature, are compelled to follow the choices created by men.

But, for a moment, let us imagine a world where men had to prove themselves in women-dominated fields. Doesn’t even the thought of that make you nervous?

I agree with Sir William Golding when he says;

“I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men…they are far superior and always have been.”

We, at iNTELLYJELLY, are committed to help kids gain clarity in perspective and develop the right attitude.

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