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How does it matter?

Dear folks,

Communication is possibly the most powerful tool in today’s era. I don’t see any area of life where one can progress without a good grip on this tool. It is imperative that one master this skill at an early age.

Is it tough to master? Certainly not, it is as simple as ABC. Let me help you with a clue- what else can be the easier way to enhance communication skills than mastering the art of enrolling conversation?

However, linguistic expertise is often confused with communication skills. Communication skill has wider spectrum and aims not only winning the conversation but ensure that you win the person whom you are interacting with. While communicating, you are expected to pay equal focus, every possible nanosecond, to reaching out to the listener’s heart. Here are some basic checkpoints, open your heart while you answer them:

1) During your recent interactions, what worked and what did you accomplish?

2) What didn’t work in your listening? How could it have been better?

I am sure you will enjoy this journey, as much as I do. iNTELLYJELLY offers many such interesting reading!

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