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The Truth About Kid’s Activity Short Story

Story about Children Activity

With every passing day, there is more awareness in the world about the need to make Children Activity more constructive. There is irrefutable proof from many educationists that play can be the most constructive teacher. Structured activities like storytelling, reading popular kids’ magazines, story writing and role play are the growing verticals, when we talk about creative pursuits for children. Since ancient times, short stories have been the way for teaching children morals, common sense and about the society and environment at large. As times changed, the concept remained the same but the structure of the activity has gained more momentum as educators realize the gains from the activity.

How young can you begin?

The short story telling and discussion sessions can be initiated as early as preschool. The stories need to be very short and relatable to the child. Short stories from the animal world have been perennial favorites. This activity helps grow the child’s interest in vocabulary and diction.

The child can be asked to substitute the animal or character in a favorite story to help expand imaginative skills. Storytelling sessions with popular kids’ magazines like iNTELLYJELLY, can be a part of an exercise to build the child’s interest in school in general with the help of visuals too. Physical activity can be introduced in the form of play acting.

Children, till primary levels, can be asked to read short moral stories for kids and write or narrate their own interpretation; this will help not only in vocabulary building but also in creating strong sentence building and communication skills. The child learns problem solving and logical thinking skills.

A comprehension can be worked out in a fun way after the session to help the child assimilate the message behind the story. Writing and comprehension skills are enhanced by this activity. This can be achieved when the child is given a situation or a sentence and asked to build a story around it.

Social Impact of Short Story

An early Childhood Education is the cornerstone of creating social awareness. The Child learns values and traditions. The short, moral stories for kids can be used as a tool to create such awareness and strengthen the moral fabric of the child. Many such practices are still prevalent in society that can be brought into limelight and acted upon. In children’s monthly magazines, stories can be based on environmental issues, wildlife conservation as well as more current issues like politics and awareness for diseases like polio eradication, etc.

The situation based stories are a way to educate and reform. These can be adapted as a play or skit and used as a platform to encourage theater and creative writing skills in children. Independent thinking is stimulated and forms the basis of creating balanced, rational and forward thinking future citizens.

Children are at a very vulnerable age in School. The right medium of instruction can create a lifelong interest in learning and stimulate curiosity in the child. Stories play an important role in sparking that interest and can be used both by teachers and parents as an important tool to teach and stimulate. A child has a vivid imagination and stories can help tap the creative vein in the him/ her to initiate the hunger to read, explore and grow.iNTELLYJELLY WRITER

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