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Early Childhood Education: For a Bright Future

As a mother of a 2-year-old, I often find myself wondering about childcare and schooling options for my son. Studies prove that investing in early education improves the cognitive ability as well as other critical behavioral traits such as Motivation, Self-Respect, and Sociability.

The children who participate in early education are more likely to exhibit school readiness; in addition to that, they also possess far superior, math and language skills as compared to their counterparts.

A strong building needs a strong concrete base; the same applies to humans as well. When you are at an age where your senses are fully active and you grasp things quickly, learning should start without delay. In the past, the idea of early education was not very popular, however with changing times this perception is also changing!

Did you know?

Around 4 million kids enter kindergarten every year! Do you remember your first experience? How you carried your school bag and water bottle, how you would hide behind mom in order to avoid awkward interactions. These are the years where the child’s personality takes shape, the first interaction outside the home occur and the child learns his first lesson.

What’s Early Childhood Education?

According to National Association for the Education of Young Children, the education from birth through the age 8 is considered as early childhood education. In this phase, cognitive, physical and emotional development takes place. So, this is the time to foster a healthy education foundation and not with books alone but other useful resources like – children’s monthly magazines, educational magazines for kids and monthly books for kids etc.

A Chapter forms my Life:

My3-year-old niece’s personality took a drastic turn after she was enrolled in an early childhood learning facility. Earlier she was rather coy, introverted and obtuse, however, in a short span of three months, we could see that she had become smarter, more outgoing, expressive and understanding.

Her preschool keeps her engaged with play-based learning and creative learning resources like educational toys, popular kids magazines, colorful worksheet and the like. Her favorite part of her preschool time is the reading hour where she gets to enjoy her much-loved iNTELLYJELLY magazine. Published monthly and designed beautifully in vibrant colors, this is one of the most popular kid’s magazines. It contains informative stories on common issues such as social trends, education, health, in addition to book reviews and brief profiles of famous personalities.

From her example, the fact that Early Education does help children in more ways than one is validated. They learn how to socialize, discover, understand, express and solve things around them. Nothing goes to waste in this world especially a good education.

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