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Celebrate the bond of love

India is a land of grandeur, colours, splendour and festivities. We, Indians are known to celebrate each and every festival with great zeal and ardour.

 Among all the celebrations, Raksha Bandhan is my favourite. It has its own charm and aura! The piousness of the festivity, the joy of selecting Rakhi,setting the pooja thali, sumptuous sweets, the gifts and above all, brother sister love.Undoubtedly, a brother-sister day!

But when you hear the word Raksha Bandhan, what exactly comes to your mind? A little deep thinking will surely make you realize that the true spirit of this celebration is to realise the importance of a lovely relationship. That’s why the connection of brother-sister holds true as the most adoring and heavenly bond. A union secured by a sacred thread of Rakhi, which is an epitome of protection embellished with the love and affection of a sister for her brother. Truly, a bond of love, care, warmth filled with its own share of fights.

“The connection between a brother and sister is sometimes tightly woven and sometimes loosely held, but never broken.”

 What are the different bonds a brother and sister share?.I’mlisting down few. I am sure you’d connect to all.

Friends always –

The best thing about having a sibling is an ever supportive friend always by your side. Even if they fight endlessly, still when required, they stand by each other shoulder to shoulder. The problem becomes universal and teamwork starts. Moreover, they enjoy each other’s company. They chill together, shopping trips, partying and movie plans and what not.

Partners in crime: double the naughtiness

The best partners in crime are definitely siblings. Be it hiding plans from parents, plotting pranks or gossip sessions, a brother & sister have all sorted out and support each other, no questions asked.

Secret keeper –

Oh who doesn’t have secrets? What better than your secret-holder and you under the same roof. Irrespective of the level of mistake one has committed, the other always stands firm to help. The level of trust between a brother and sister is classic, they know the secrets they share with one another won’t be disclosed to any outsider ever. It’s like they live together in their own cocoon and no one’s allowed in.

 Emotional attachment: heaps of love –

Surely a brother and sister are joined by blood, but they choose to be bound by love too. Not just sibling love, but they share fatherly and motherly fondness too. A brother nurtures and takes care like a responsible father and a sister’s motherly affection knows no limits. What a marvellous relationship!

Even if you aren’t with your brother or sister in person, always remember that –“You are always together, never apart. Maybe in distance, but never in heart!”

Your thoughts matter!

Until next time!writers for iNTELLYJELLY

Live the love! Spread the Love!

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