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Why does it matter?

Let us play a quick challenge, a humble one. Let us try using all the neurons and dig out a commercially available product which does not damage to the beloved Mother Nature. This applies to the products of all the segments- electronics, cosmetics, eatables, medicines to name a few.

Sulabh, a thoughtful individual, and a loving husband acted promptly and gifted his wife a latest version handset the moment he heard about the celebration of another house of Gaurav, his dear friend. Party was on the weekend, ‘Enough time for me to upgrade the other accessories,’ he pondered. Both of them were looking forward to it. Little did they realize that all the money spent here will cause damage to their beloved Mother Nature. We all are no different.

Dear parents, why to blame poor industrialists or even the poor real estate tycoons for causing damage to the environment, since we, the buyers, are the ones who encourage them to do so. Let us stop playing innocent and own the consequences of each purchase we do.

Now the second step, an easier one. Reduction in buying may not be a relaxed option for most of us, but the counteraction is simpler and rewarding. Act, as swiftly as you can, and be a part of Rally for River campaign. This campaign is committed to cause lakhs of trees, if not more, to save rivers across India. Give a missed call to 80009 80009 and be a proud part of it.

iNTELLYJELLY stands firmly with Rally for Rivers and announces exciting prizes, including a trip to Singapore, for the contest winners. Details are inside.

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