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Bored at home? Board games to the rescue…

We, Millennials are probably the last generation which has been raised on both, board and online games. And the present generation is completely into online games only.

While online games enable interaction with people across the world, one is still in solitude. However, board games, allow you to directly interact with your friends and family while they sit across from you and that’s why they are the most loved means of family entertainment and are making a comeback. You can find quite a few paper games and board game related activities in children’s magazines, Especially in iNTELLYJELLY, India’s no.1 Children’s Magazine.

Worldwide web-ed

We are now living in a world of Facebook, Pokémon Go, Netflix and iPads and all things Technological but board-gaming is booming. Board games are returning as a mainstream entertainment among families, kids, and even couples looking for a new way to socialize with friends. Families are engaging in ‘game-night’ wherein friends and neighbors gather on one day of the week to relax, unwind and play to claim the winner’s title.

Before video games and as impossibly archaic as it might sound – there were “board” games: things made with card and glue that required imagination and literal, rather than virtual, interaction to be played. While the digital world continues to take over most mainstream-entertainment activities, some might still find the idea of board games outdated, redundant and ‘lame’. However, there are plenty of board game aficionados who continue to enjoy board games and have not fallen into the slump of online gaming. In fact, some families who have read articles in magazines, Children’s Magazines and some online sources which encourage

parents to continue playing board games at home for its cognitive and intellectual simulation ability.

Social and Emotional Learning

Board games provide Excellent Social and Emotional Learning Opportunities for younger Children.
  • Accepting boundaries and structure are also facilitated during board game play, where clear rules are in place.
  • Learning to win and lose graciously are further skills that can be developed during board game play.
  • Board games are fun and can be great vehicles for relationship-building and quality time.
  • Apart from social skills, some researchers say that the educational skills practiced in many board games can improve a child’s mathematical abilities significantly.

Excellent Pastime

Board games are an exercise in Killing time – Which, I Suppose, is what parenting requires especially for those really long stretches. But as parents would generally prefer to kill time doing something more educational, more interesting and more fun, board games provide exactly that.

There are over a dozen games to choose from and they all vary according to different interests. There is Scrabble which is an all-time favorite word building game, Mastermind, Jenga, which requires logic and steady hands, Cluedo, Monopoly and the current favorite, Settlers of Catan etc.

There are many more board games one can try out. All you need to do is read the Summary and prepare yourself for never-ending sessions of fun and laughter.


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