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Best Holiday Destinations For Families With Toddlers

Everyone loves holidays and traveling but when you have toddlers to take care of, you have to make sure that you keep them happy. So, the best holiday destination for families with a toddler would be the one with everything handy and most importantly a place having a lot of safe and fun activities for your kids. Beautiful sceneries would also be a good choice.

Some of the Best Holiday Destinations for families with toddlers:

  1. Darjeeling

The scenic beauty is mesmerizing and the nice weather will be a perfect relief from the unbearably hot summer heat in your town. The sight of the beautiful blue sky, lush green trees and the snow- capped mountains that too experienced in a toy train will give your child great joy.

The tour will be completely safe with no breathing problems and the child will get adapted quite easily.Darjeeling

  • Kids attraction -Toy train
  • Best time to visit -April to June
  1. Ooty

In South, Ooty is called the queen of hills. The place not only provides a de-stressed environment but would be a treat for your child with all the delicious chocolates available.

A safe and joyful boat ride and a visit to the honey and bee museum will add a lot to the fun. Ooty

  • Kids attraction- Chocolates, honey, and bee museum, boat riding.
  • Best time to visit-April to June, September to November
  1. Udaipur

Udaipur, the city of lakes is a royal city. The child will definitely have fun watching the puppet show and the light and sound show will serve great joy.

The hotels in the city are very good in hospitality which will make it much easier for parents to handle their child, and thus make it one of the best holiday destinations for families with toddlers.


  • Kids attraction-Puppet shows, boat riding, light and sound shows.
  • Best time to visit-September to March
  1. Mahabaleshwar

The word “fun” perfectly describes this place. The place will give the parents and the child an unusual joy of picking strawberries on their own in the Mapro garden.

There are various options for gaming in which the parents and their children can play together. The parents can also take the kids for a horse ride and feel the cool breeze.


  • Kids attraction-Strawberry picking, horse riding.
  • Best time to visit-March to June
  1. Jim Corbet National Park

Nothing in the world is as beautiful as nature is. So, the question is whether we consider a National Park to be the best holiday destination for the families with toddlers, fortunately, the answer is yes. The sight of the flora and fauna is perfect for a growing child and is a great opportunity to take your child into the close proximity of the beauty of nature. Bird watching adds to the fun and is worth taking up.

Jim Corbet National Park

  • Kids attraction-Forest stay, bird watching and safari rides.
  • Best time to visit-November to June
  1. Tarkarli

Children love to play in water but are often forbidden to because of the fear of falling ill because of the polluted water. But in Tarkarli, the parents can be stress-free, as the water is clean and the parents can let their children play to their heart’s content. The sight of the waves on a beach will also give the child great pleasure and Tarkarli will prove to be the best holiday destination for families with toddlers.


  • Kids attraction- Beautiful beach and water sports
  • Best time to visit-October to March

The list of the extravagant places to visit has no end. There are many more places you can take your kids to, such as Jaisalmer which is famous for its desert safari and camel rides, Kerala with a suitable weather and Elephants to keep kids busy, Auli will introduce your kids to the joy of playing with snow, and there are many more places. Deserts are considered unfavorable for kids but the Rann Utsav in the Rann of Kutch disproves this statement, and the reason is that it provides the most appropriate introduction of the desert to your children with a lot of fun activities.

 Traveling with kids is never easy but it is worth giving a shot, so after choosing the best destination for families with toddlers, there are some tips for a happy and safe trip-

  • Kids love to explore, so give them extra time to stare out of the window and observe their surroundings, don’t hurry.
  • Download plenty of games on your phone which are toddler-friendly, it will keep them entertained and busy.
  • Try that you have something different for your child to do in every 15 minutes.
  • Carry things that provide your child with complete comfort while sleeping, it may be the favorite blanket or a soft toy.
  • Don’t forget to carry medicines, in case the child gets sick during the journey, the medicines will help.
  • Carry some extra clothes of the child, so that if food is spilled on their clothes or any such thing happens, you always have back up clothes.
  • Baby wipes are a solution to every child’s mess, so don’t forget to carry them. It will keep the child neat and clean.
  • Be sure that the hotel you book has some kid’s club and maybe a big garden so that the child never gets bored and can spend hours playing and having fun.

Keeping all these tips in mind and choosing the best destination to visit, the parents should take their toddlers for a great holiday.

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