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20 Best Children’s Magazines Subscriptions in India

In this day and age, children are extremely fond of their gizmos like the tablets, smartphones, gaming gadgets and, of course, the television, which makes it difficult for parents to inculcate the habit of reading in young children. Fortunately enough, India can boast about some of the best children’s magazine subscriptions, which helps parents to introduce their children to the beautiful world beyond their backyard. Subscribe Kids Magazine Now

Magazines are full of short stories with colorful pictures, games and many more fun activities. The children find it easy and interesting to read such small stories and this, eventually, leads to the habit of reading longer stories and books.

A reading habit is beneficial for a child as it introduces them to new facts and helps them understand the meaning of newer words that boost their vocabulary and in turn, improves their speaking and writing abilities too. The various activities in the magazines help develop analytical skills and improve their memory, which has a positive effect on their school studies and self-development.

The 20 best children’s magazine subscriptions in India are listed hereunder:


This monthly magazine is for the children aged 4-12 years. The content of the magazine is smartly created that increases the knowledge and sensibility of the child. It has an excellent use of the English language and wordplay in its stories. Stories on leadership, science, and geographical facts make it an interesting read, along with various activity and puzzle pages that keep the children riveted for long. Last heard it was one of the most rapidly growing children’s magazine in the country.

Cost- Rs 40


For children of age 3-6 years, this weekly magazine can be considered one of the best. The content of the magazine is thoughtfully put together. There are wonderful activities like puzzles and others related to numbers and alphabets, which are appropriate for the children of this age. The short stories are well loved.

Cost- Rs 15


For children of age 4-9 years, the language and font of this monthly magazine are easy and readable. The content of the stories is well illustrated and is written in an Indian context that makes it interesting for the children to relate. The magazine also has fun activities for the children to work upon, which enriches their skills, making it one of the best children’s magazine subscriptions in India.

Cost- Rs 40


It is a magazine for 2-6-year-olds. It helps to keep the child engaged in activities and also helps them to develop skills that they will need in school. It also includes several interesting stories that are fun for the children. The early childhood development experts have designed this magazine very thoughtfully with exciting, colorful and fun-filled activities that the children will enjoy and cherish.

Cost- Rs 40


This monthly magazine is a good pick for children aged 6-12 years. Children get to know more of the real world with its short stories. The science experiments increase the child’s knowledge. The games, puzzles, riddles make the child explore his skills and abilities.

The craft activities are fun which makes the child think in a creative way. The jokes in the magazine add to the fun and also develop a sense of humor in the little ones.

Cost- Rs 40

  1. TOOT

The price of this monthly magazine is a little on the higher side, (Rs 100) but it is worth the money spent.

The magazine targets the 3-6-year-olds. It guarantees that the little one will learn and most importantly the kid will enjoy learning. The content of this magazine is well researched with exciting on-page activities, things to make and many more. It will develop a love of reading, writing and drawing in your children.

Cost- Rs 100

  1. HOOT

For children of ages 6-12 years, this magazine will increase the knowledge of the child beyond the academics. It has articles on science, history, general knowledge etc. The content is attractive which engross the kids.

The price of the magazine is slightly high, but you can also subscribe to the book online.

Cost- Rs 100


The magazine once again has an outstanding content. It targets children of ages 6-12 years.

The growing children of this age group must be reading this fortnightly magazine. The paper quality of the magazine is low but the content compensates. The best part of the magazine is that it has a special dedicated section for parents.

Cost- Rs 20


This monthly magazine is for the children 7-12 years old is one of the oldest as well as considered to be one of the 20 best children’s magazine subscriptions in India. It is a great way to introduce the growing child to the culture and history of India. It has folktales, mythological and historical stories that make it very interesting. Its availability in different regional languages helps the child to learn the nuances of his/her mother tongue.

Cost- Rs 30


The theme of this monthly magazine is the same as that of ChandaMama but the difference is that Junior Chandamama targets younger children of the age group 4-7 years. It covers stories on history and mythology.

Cost- Rs 20


This monthly magazine has been the favorite for many generations now. The adults still enjoy the parables of Supandi, Tantri the Mantri etc., that are still rib-tickling. The magazine also covers a lot of trivia, which makes it a very good read.

Cost- Rs 50


This magazine has been one of the most famous magazines in India. It targets the children of age 4 and above. It teaches the children about the moral values with the stories in it. The comic strips, puzzles, and brain teasers make it fun for the children who read this fortnightly magazine.

Cost- Rs 30


This is an award-winning weekly newspaper that covers all the current events, new and what’s happening in science and technology and is suitable for children of the age group of 6-15 years. It boosts up the child’s general knowledge and creates a sense of awareness amongst them. Each magazine has a Junior Robinage section, which has fun activities for the younger ones. This magazine encourages the contribution of the young children, as 20% of the content is made by the children.

Cost- Rs 25


This monthly magazine targets the children at the age of 7 years and above. It is full of wonderful facts which the children should be aware of. It has interesting facts, fun facts, weird facts, facts, facts, and facts. This magazine satiates the hunger for information.

Cost- Rs 30

With the advancement of technology, the people are shifting to the internet. So, apart from allowing their kids to play games and watching videos, parents can make their children read the online ‘E’ versions of magazines as well. The rest of the list of 20 best children’s magazine subscriptions are the following online magazines:

  1. ASK

For children 7-10 years old, this magazine has all the answers to the questions related to art, craft, inventions, science etc. It covers past as well as the present inventions and is a reference and inspiration for the children to develop new ideas. The theme of the magazine basically covers arts and sciences. It also has an interesting fun fact, quizzes, puzzles and many more activities.

  1. CLICK

This magazine is suitable for kids aged 3-8 years. This magazine introduces the child to new things. Its motto is to open the windows of young minds and it fairly does that. Nature and science are covered with child-friendly elements. This magazine is not based on fiction but on real facts. The children who seek fiction may not like this magazine.


This magazine is designed for the kids between 3 to 7 years of age. It has colorful and fascinating stories, crafts and puzzles which makes it interesting. Feeding with the right content develops a better child for the future. The magazine has coloring pages, puzzles, quizzes, drawing and other fun activities.


This magazine is for pre-school kids of ages 2-6 years. It is all about exploring the world of fun. The focus of the magazine is to entertain the children and to encourage them. The magazine has short stories for kids, short poems, easy kid-friendly recipes, innovative games and coloring activities. Apart from entertainment, the magazine offers development of positive thinking and identifying the role model.

  1. TIME for kids

It is a weekly news magazine that develops a motivation in the kids to read. It covers a wide range of real-world topic that the kids would love to know. It is one of the best non-fiction texts. The best part of this magazine is that it presents current events in a way that children can relate to. It also contains a homework helper section which is good for the school going children.


This magazine covers topics such as natural science, history, and geography etc. This online content is easy to read and will help your child know about nature and appreciate it. The site also contains videos, games, and news, which make it interesting for the school going kids.

All these magazines will help your child develop his/her mind and will make your child creative. Apart from all this, it will engage your child in some fruitful activity and you will get some free time. The stories will introduce the child to a wide range of words and he/she will be able to build their own vocabulary. It improves their understanding and as they learn to read themselves they do not need to rely on their parents to recite stories for them. The children also start to imagine what they read; they themselves create a world of the characters in the stories which enhances their power to imagine.

So, to entertain your child and to make him/her develop in a proper way choose your own best magazine out of the 20 best children’s magazine subscriptions in India.

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