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Too Many Books for the Backpack! How to Lighten?

Increasing Size of Children’s Backpack

A common scene early in the morning – kids getting ready for school, moms running after them with breakfast, children hurriedly making their way to the school buses, waving and kissing their parents’ goodbye, smiling and excited for the day! But even with so much of enthusiasm and liveliness, these kids are forced to slow down by the burden of today’s education system Backpack.

Big hefty backpacks are a common sight these days. Not only does a child carry the encumbrance of the education system and studies on his shoulders, but now of a backpack too. A kid needs a lot of things- books, lunch boxes, sports kit, water bottles, recreational books and educational magazines like India’s leading Online English Magazine, iNTELLYJELLY. The reality is that these kids, nowadays, appear as if they are on their way to a trekking expedition to Mt. Everest.

What damage do these heavy sacks do?

Jokes apart, these heavyweight rucksacks take a toll on children’s well-being. Statistically speaking, a child shouldn’t carry weight more than 20% (maximum limit) of his body weight. It is no secret how heavy these school bags are! Not only the bags spoil their back strength, muscles, and structure but also make their gait ponderous and slouchy. Moreover, in the long-run, it causes back deformities and disfiguring curves. Medically, this disease is called Scoliosis (abnormal lateral curvature of the spine). Extreme pain is the major issue with scoliosis; it hampers hip structure, spinal discs, nerves, muscles and/or ligaments. This major concern can also impair brain, nervous, digestive and hormonal systems.

What can be done to avoid these complications?

iNTELLYJELLY feels that ‘Learning and going to school should not be such a painful experience’. We offer a few suggestions and pointers to rectify these problems. Not only do they help in simplifying the concern but slowly, yet steadily, help and eradicate the issue completely.

Read Some Important Things to Lighten Backpack

  • Individual lockers for children at school- If the school management decides to provide each and every child with a locker, this dispute can be solved unanimously. The child can keep his/her extra books and other things in there, and carry just the required ones home. The Maximum number of Books can be retained at school. Not only it will help to lower the heaviness of a backpack, it can slowly solve the issue of Excessive Homework.
  • Digital Textbooks- In this technologically-savvy world, everything is getting digitalized. Then why not books? Schools can always imbibe the concept of eBooks and smart education. This, in turn, reduces paper wastage and a load of books on students.
  • Arrange bag properly to distribute weight evenly- There are books of various shapes and sizes in a kid’s backpack. If the kid learns the art of arranging the books, it will be relatively easier for him/her to carry the load.
  • Swear by lightweight bags- Try and carry the minimum load. Only what is required?
  • Wear both straps of the bags, not just one shoulder strap- Children are often seen wearing their backpacks with just a single strap to look ‘cool’. But, what they don’t realize is that in the long run it definitely hampers the core strength of the shoulders. It is better to be smart than ‘cool’ irresponsibly.
  • Add sternum strap to one’s backpack for extra support- Sternum straps are back-straps provided for extra support. They prevent jarring and extra tumbling of one’s backpack.
  • Good quality bags with broad shoulder, hip, and sternum belts– Replace old bags with new bags which have broad cushioned straps for shoulders, hip, and sternum.
  • Rolling bags- The newest in bags are the ones with tires, rolling ones with push and pull stands. These have nothing to do with the shoulders and are relatively easy to manage, despite the load.

Note: The weight of the backpack affects the spinal cord of your kid. a lighter backpack will result in a healthier spinal cord.

India’s best online English magazine, iNTELLYJELLY, feels that loopholes are everywhere, it’s our job to overcome them. Our education system already suffers from various issues- caste& reservation complications, fraudulent bureaucracy, infrastructure constraints, corruption at all levels and micro-management issues. In front of these, a trivial yet vital problem of heavy backpacks can be very well dealt at a grassroots level.

Be informed! Choose well!

Carry light! Keep your shoulders happy!

Until next time!

Happy reading!writers for iNTELLYJELLY

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