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Anti-air pollution mask
Why does it matter?

Atharv, my 11-year-old son, has been excited since his mom has promised him an anti-air pollution mask. He has heard his friends often talk about the various styles and brands of these masks.

Some may call it peer pressure, while others call it the need of the hour.

And I was left thinking about how, initially, it was the water which we had started providing in bottles and, now, this mask. What next are we going to hand over to this generation, I wonder!

Yes, I never felt so helpless, never that I Could Remember.

One may debate about the various factors that contribute to this pollution; it may be factories, vehicles, forest fires, pollen or anything else, but we cannot deny the fact that consumption is the mother of all the factors that contribute to the pollution levels. In this era of capitalism, it is extremely important to understand and realize that essential consumption should be the only driving force behind each purchase. Compulsive buying may be therapeutic, but let us not be oblivious to the fact that it is this consumption that triggers the cycle of production and supply. Pollution is an unavoidable by-product produced during the process of production.

The spirit of giving is in the air. The question is- Can the gift be an intelligent one? Maybe, a beautiful nice plant, which would not necessitate an Anti-Pollution mask.

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