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Day: May 14, 2018


Too Many Books for the Backpack! How to Lighten?

Increasing Size of Children’s Backpack A common scene early in the morning – kids getting ready for school, moms running after them with breakfast, children hurriedly making their way to the school buses, waving and kissing their parents’ goodbye, smiling and excited for the day! But even with so much of enthusiasm and liveliness, these […]

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Pocket Money for Children

Pocket Money for Children – Necessity of the Day

Importance of teaching kids the concept of saving and Money Management “Money doesn’t grow on trees!” Respect money! Pocket Money for Children, Every 80’s-90’s kid would relate to these patent dialogues that we have grown up listening to so often. Maybe, such was the teaching of our parents that they used to pray and keep […]

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travel with kids

Travel with kids… It isn’t impossible!

Travel with kids everything is complex but not everything is as difficult as it sounds. Holiday season is here! This time of the year definitely sees an up rise in the number of little travelers accompanying parents everywhere. Be it planes, trains or road trips, these little ones are seen laughing, crying, running all around […]

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

“Reading is definitely dreaming with eyes open! But reading picture books is just magic.” A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. Picture speaks, picture expresses! It has the power to hold one’s attention. And when portraying a story, it becomes a marvelous experience. Be it adults or kids, pictures fascinates and allures all alike. It […]

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Fable and Fairy Tales

Childhood Filled with Fables and Fairy Tales

A Treasured Childhood is one that is filled with Fables and Fairy Tales A day is incomplete for a child it has gone by without stories and story books. Be it day time or bed time, these tales are a must. Fables and Fairy Tales stories make up a child’s childhood. They are undoubtedly the […]

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